Duration : 1:30:00

Available Dates 

May 29th - 1pm EST

No two blonding guests are the same. Our natural hair colour is as unique as our fingerprint making every guest a new mystery for us to solve. With

the blacklight system, you can intermix all of our lightening options to create something hyper customized for even your most challenging blondes. From consultation, to placement and formulation, we will empower you with the knowledge to get creative and curate your own bespoke blondes.

This class is presented by a member of our elite Education Team. At Oligo, education is one of our main pillars, which is why each member of our Education Team has been handpicked to offer the highest level of training. They know Oligo products inside out and can answer any question you may have. Their passion is to help their fellow stylists take their knowledge and skills to the next level!