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@ninatulio : Strategic Budgeting to Increase Profit


Duration : 00:50:00

*This class is not suited for the commission salon owner. The budget sheet provided is only for the suite owner/renter business model

Attention all suite owners/renters! Ever wonder where your money goes? Do you find yourself thinking I make so much in sales, but barely any profit? Oligo Professionnel’s Business Education Ambassador, Nina Tulio, will teach you the difference between sales and profits, how to achieve a higher profit margin, how to cut supply costs and increase the number of ideal target clients in your salon/suite. This class also includes her exclusive budget spreadsheet that she will go over hands on in the class. 

 Are you ready to start increasing your profit margins?

Nina Tulio - @ninatulio

is an industry-leading salon business consultant, speaker, and educator helping salon owners and stylists around the world to grow their business, while growing themselves. She is also the Business Education Ambassador for Oligo Professionnel. Nina’s unique approach focuses on encouraging her clients to grow through personal development, self-care, all while offering the tools needed to build a thriving, sustainable salon business. Nina has 24 years in the industry. She has served in all facets of the business. 20 years as a hairstylist, 8 years as a chain salon executive, and 11 years as a successful salon owner . In 2016, Nina decided to sell her salon to fulfill her dream of creating her own consulting agency. This business was created simply to help owners and stylists not only grow their business , but grow their confidence. Combine her deep passion and care for people and her love for the industry, Nina has made it her mission to uplift the beauty industry and empower anyone that is a part of it.