Efficiency x Oligo = More $

You may think efficiency is just a buzzword or a trend in our industry.  But I am here to tell you efficiency is here to stay.  Clients value their time more than ever and offering services that give them the gift of time are in high demand.

In order to offer these services, you have to choose products that support your efficiency journey. Enter Oligo Pro to the chat.

Here are the top 3 Oligo products that can help you level up your efficiency game and help you make more money. 


Calura Gloss:

With its no ammonia formula and convenient 1:1 mixing ratio, you can achieve stunning results in less time. The product spreads smoothly, adheres evenly, and toning processes in just 3 -10 minutes allowing you to work efficiently without compromising on quality. (Lasts up to 24 shampoos)

Because Calura Gloss toning processes in 3-10 minutes your price per minute is going to be higher than most services.  EX: If you charge $45 for a gloss, add a blowout and you allow it to process for 5 minutes. Total service time with blow out = 45 minutes want to give them a nice scalp massage. Price = $85.   PPM = $1.88. That is a great PPM. 


SMART x Calura Permanent:

I love the SMART Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate because you can use it 2 ways. You can use SMART as a stand-alone treatment or as an additive to your Calura Permanent colour services and Blacklight lightening services. The SMART Concentrate is already pre-measured so you will save time and money by not over mixing or wasting product. As a stand-alone treatment it processes for only 3-5 minutes. When used as an additive, it does not require any additional time to your service. Calura Permanent and SMART make the absolute best tag team in efficiency and increasing sales. 


So how can this increase sales in your business? In 2 ways 

1. By adding SMART Concentrate to your Calura Permanent colour service you can charge extra for this treatment. For example, if you charged an additional $20 for every colour service using Calura Permanent and SMART and you use it on 6 clients per week. That is an additional $120 per week and an additional $6000 per year in revenue based on a 50-week year.

2. Using SMART as a stand-alone treatment will allow you to increase your average ticket. EX: If you charge $35 for a stand-alone treatment and do just 5 a week. That = $175 a week in sales and $8750 in sales for the year.