Duration : 2:00:00

Available Date : June 28th - 4pm EST


Great for beginners or the seasoned hairstylist! Hairstylish is a course where you will be guided through the wonderful art of effortless yet effective hair styling. Showing you different techniques from curling to texture styling while using our classic tools in fresh new ways. This class will feature our NEW Blacklight Volume styling products!

*Live demo on a mannequin 

Stephanie Goguen - @sgoguenhair 

With over 17 year of experience, Stephanie’s passion for hair fun continues to grow. She loves to create and believes in finding simplicity in even the most intricate information, add to that her flare for fashion and you are sure to be charmed. Specializing in styling and chignons, Stephanie will inspire you to push the limits of your craft and to think outside of the box while helping you create your own signature on the looks. As an adventurous person she is always looking for new ways to improve or modernize her techniques and stepping out of her comfort zone is key!