Care & Styling by Nina Tulio

 What is the best way to support your clients in between salon visits? It’s educating them on their at home care routine before they leave your salon. However, the secret lies in the products you choose to carry and how they align with your brand. Oligo has a plethora of style and at home care products that range from hydrating those beautiful natural curls with the curl balm, giving your fine haired clients a volume boost with the Blacklight Volumizing line. And protecting your blondes with the Blacklight Intensive Recovery Mask or the SMART Bond Building and Repair Treatment.

Here are my top 3 tips on how retail can boost sales and why it’s important to continue to educate every client that sits in your chair.  

Client Loyalty Through Trust:

When you carry Oligo retail, you're not just selling products; you're selling trust. Clients trust the quality and credibility of these products, enhancing their loyalty to you and your salon. They know they’re investing in more than just shampoo or conditioner; they're investing in the confidence that your salon provides. As a stylist, your recommendation holds immense value. When you endorse Oligo retail products, clients perceive them as trusted solutions curated by professionals. This trust encourages clients to invest in the products you recommend, boosting your retail sales. 

BONUS: Happy customers translate into loyal ones, ensuring repeat sales and long-term relationships and higher client retention.

Increased Profit Margins:

Oligo retail products not only offer great value to your clients but also provide excellent profit margins for your salon. Selling these products enhances your overall revenue stream without increasing your operational costs significantly. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your clients. EX: Selling just $150 per week in retail can boost sales over $7000 for the year. Depending how much you re-purchase product and what type of budget you are working off of. This can be a great boost to your bottom line. 

Elevated Salon Experience:

By offering Oligo styling and care products, you naturally elevate the salon experience. Clients appreciate the convenience of purchasing professional products where they get their hair done. It adds a touch of luxury to their experience and encourages them to indulge in self-care and at home maintenance. Educating your clients on at home care regimes should come from you the expert. It builds trust when you recommend a product that suits their needs, so they are set up to win in between salon visits.