Coffee Kit celebration

Today, let’s talk about our new coffee kit collection featuring Calura Permanent Shine and Calura Gloss. This collection, I feel, speaks directly to us as stylists. It’s a thing we consume for energy and it’s a greeting gesture to our guests and our guests to us.

I was inspired by the Cinnamon Dolce latte! I feel that the flavor and smell of Cinnamon Dolce is always around us in the winter and it’s a nostalgic feeling that we can relate to! Let’s break it down!

Techniques and formulation used for this after picture:

Highlights: Blacklight Extra Blonde & Smart Developer 10 Volume (3%)

Base and Mid Lengths: Calura Permanent  6-318/6GAB + 4-8/4B equal parts with Calura Developer 20 Volume (6%).

Balayage: Blacklight Extra Blonde & Smart Developer 20 Volume (6%) 

Tonal Expression (Calura Gloss Toning)

Base: Gloss 5 Neutral & Cream Developer Calura Gloss 7 Volume (2%) 

Mid lengths to ends: 10N 8GI 8-32 Calura Gloss 7 Volume 2% Cream Developer


About the Collection: From Americanos to Lattes, coffee offers unlimited inspiration for colour with Calura Gloss and Calura Permanent Shine. This kit will include formulas to achieve the trendiest coffee shades!

* 20 kits include a $200 Starbucks gift card! 10 are placed in Calura Gloss kits and 10 in Calura Permanent Shine kits.