Base: Calura Permanent Shine 4 Intense Neutral (1 0Z) and 4-13/4AG (.25oz) equal parts of Calura Permanent Colour Developer 20 Volume (6%.) The Mid lengths to ends: Calura Gloss 8 Neutral and 8-AG/8-13 equal parts and Calura Gloss demi lotion developer 7 Volume (2%)  

 WHO is the ideal guest to use matte series on? 

The matter series by Calura Permanent and Calura Gloss is perfect for any guest needing to correct or neutralize any unwanted red or orange tones while delivering natural cool earthy tones. As well as any brunette who is looking for a sheen like coverage.  

 What series mix well with the new AG? 

Cool tones to enhance cool results: utilize our -1 -11 -12  
Warm tones to control warm results: intermix 25% any of our fashion shades.  
For Calura Permanent white hair coverage over 25% choose our White Hair Coverage Series N, Intense Neutral, GAB / 318, AB/18, B/8 and GK/34 

For Calura Gloss white hair blending over 30% white hair choose N or NB. For white hair blending over 50% choose our Intense Neutral with our Calura Gloss 13 Volume (4%) developer.  

When to use permanent vs gloss, or combined? 

Choose permanent for anyone who is looking for white hair coverage using the recommended developer for white coverage and for anyone who’s more porous with our Demi Effect Developer for longevity.  

Choose Calura Gloss for and colour correcting or neutralizing when lifting and toning.  

When choosing Calura Permanent and Calura Gloss together it is crucial to not overlap the two in your application or mix each as well. As stated by our manufacturers guild lines, overlapping Calura Permanent with Calura Gloss can cause unpredictable results!  

Utilize Permanent for base and Calura Gloss to refreshen the mid lengths to ends! 

What are Fashion Shades? (Calura and Calura gloss) 

Our fashion shades are the tonalities that are not our white hair coverage or white hair blending, intensifiers, pastel. These are the R, K, RR, RV, RRV, KR. 

Is AG series 100% white hair coverage? 

If there is less than 25% white hair existing, then yes you can utilize 100% AG /13 series on its own with Calura Permanent. If more than 25% white hair is existing, then utilize one of our white hair coverage series. 

White hair coverage vs. blending 

When choosing white hair coverage vs blending, it’s all about your guest’s hair journey and what they are seeking. When choosing blending, in most instances your guest like to switch up their tonalities more frequently and for white hair coverage they like to “fully commit” to their tonality.  

Clarification: Recommended for color corrections but not highlighted hair? Can you explain? 

There may be hesitations about using the new AG -13 series behind the chair in the situation where lightening has been done. If your guest is a level 9 or 10 we recommend not choosing AG as your dominant tonality, for this may cause a greenish hue. You can utilize this series when lifting and needing to colour correct or neutralize unwanted warmth. Here’s my tip, if you are just getting started on using this series, use 25% of AG -13 in your formula to 75% of N, NB or Intense Neutral. This will allow you to still control while being protected by our dominate series. 

Always remember, that with our NEW MATTE COLLECTION, YOU are in control. Remember to use the hashtags #matteincontrol and #mattebycalura to get featured. It’s ALL about control.