#OligoGivesBack - Blacklight SPECIAL Edition Tubs ARE BACK, giving as ever.

Every year, stylists wait for Oligo Professionnel to launch their special edition Blacklight Tubs. This year, the tubs are back, giving as ever.  

The minimalistic labels, designed by local Montreal artist Miquelo; represent mutual aid, support and family values that Oligo Professionnel stives to put forward.  

Truthfully, they were inspired by the artists that surround us every single day. “Stylists give back to their community daily, I work with them and notice how hard they work to empower one another and the guests that sit in their chair” quotes Christina,Digital Marketing Manager at OligoStylists are behind the chair making their guests feel confident and radiant; they  support one another through coaching, supporting and more.  

As a result, Oligo Professionnel also wanted to give back to their local community by not only having a local artist design the labels, but by donating $1.00 per tub purchased to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital Foundation.  

The mission of the foundation is to promote the advancement of health care and medical research by supporting the Jewish General Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated with McGill University. It is recognized globally as a center of excellence in oncology, cardiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and thrombosis and anticoagulation. 

So, when we say, the tubs are back, giving as ever – we weren’t kidding. You can now confidently purchase the tubs knowing that we are giving back to the advancement of health care and medical research.  

We went one step further, and asked our local communities the following questions and to answer anonymously 

  1. How have you been given back to the stylist community? 
  1. What is an experience where someone gave back to you in the community? 

Here are some heartfelt responses we received from our community of stylists:  

How have you been given back to the stylist community? 

  • Through education, inspiration and sharing my truth  
  • Providing free education, answering all the DM hair questions, donations and giveaways.  
  • Donate products I am no longer using to help other stylists and lend a helping hand or advice 
  • We went to a local school and offered to teach a free foilyage class  
  • By always sharing my knowledge with other stylists  
  • Helping education and quality content via Instagram, for free! 
  • Bringing awareness to mental health in our industry  
  • Created a collaborative Facebook group for stylists  
  • Teaching curly hair at my local beauty school so it is available in school 



What is an experience where someone gave back to you in the community? 

  • All of the mentorship and education I received from my boss/mentor/BFF 
  • Even those with 100K followers, we’re still so humble and willing to answer my questions 
  • Oligopro x Obaliepro retreat, what a day, we took the time to get to know each other and really connect  
  • [we will enter more] 


These are more than just special edition tubs. These are tubs with a purpose, tubs that are giving back to our local community. Thank you stylists, for encouraging us to give back.  

Use #OligoGivesBack while posting your work using the tubs, and make sure to let us know how someone has given back to you in the community, or how you have given back!