The Fear of Green. Why do we fear a corrective opportunity?

Green, just saying the word to yourself as a colorist could make you nervous. I get it, the majority of clients don’t want to be walking around with green hair. But let’s be honest with ourselves how many times do we get clients that come in with either color build up,  box dye in the hair or just lifts super warm and does not want to leave orange or brassy?

The new matte series from Oligo is perfect because it is 80% blue 20% yellow which creates a green in theory. So let’s talk about how we can utilize this series to create the ideal hair colour result for any guest in our chair.  

Let’s get to the details: I wanted to put the new AG series to the test, on a model with Box Dyed Hair . 

To start, I used Oligo Blacklight Cool Toned Lightner with 20Vol. I used the cool toned lightener to already begin the process of cancelling any warm pigments. That said, we needed something stronger as her result after her lightening service was still very brassy orange – this was the lightest that I could do with keeping the health and intergrity of her hair.

Prior to the Matte Series launch, I would have a choice between using  the ash (blue) or the AI series. These series are great overall, but I needed something more for this guest. I decided to use the level 7AG  (ash, green) for 12 minutes and just kept an eye on how the tone was coming along. Within 5 minutes, I saw a perfect level 7; when I rinsed at the sink, I saw a diluted matte/greenish colour – but don’t be alarmed! Once dried, I couldn’t have been happier. It was a gorgeous matted and healthy brunette without brass.

Don’t let the idea of a green scare you, instead add it to your  formulation to really get the happiest guest with the best results.