The importance of a TWO part consultation

Did you know consultations are one of the things that determines whether a client will rebook and return to your salon? A solid consultation builds trust and loyalty. It is the foundation for creating long term relationships with your guests. Whether you decide to do a digital consultation or an in- person consultation, taking the time to get to your guests and their hair goals first is the key to success. I want to break this up into 2 parts. The first part is building trust with your guests and asking the right questions to deliver their hair goals and the second part is to ensure you are using the right product to achieve their desired result.  

 Part 1- Are you asking your client the right questions? Here are my top 6 

  1.    What do you love about your hair? What do you dislike about your hair? 
  2.    How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning? 
  3.    Show me a picture of you with your favorite haircut and color.  
  4.    How often will we see each other for future appointments?   
  5.    Tell me about your long term hair goals. 
  6.    Do you have any limitations on what I can do with your hair today? 

BONUS-  Be sure to talk price with your guests; especially your new guests and current guests getting a complete makeover. Communication is key in building trust. Be sure to also plant the seeds of retail and what they need for at home care based on their hair goals. Education is also an important part of the consultation and during their entire salon visit.  

Part 2- Are you choosing the right product based on your guests needs?  

This can be so hard sometimes. How many times have you decided on using one product or a particular shade and then at the last minute changed your mind completely? I know I have.  

One of the most important characteristics of a good consultation is listening. Are you really dialed in on what the guest is saying in a way where you can choose the right Blacklight lightener, Calura Gloss or Calura permanent. Even down to the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Choosing the right product will determine the outcome right? But it also will determine the amount of time spent with the guest as well. Choosing a new series like 8U will allow you to cut down on the processing time as you can achieve superior lift of natural hair and 100% white hair coverage in one step. Yes Time is money, but delivering the best results for the client is of utmost importance. I suggest weighing your options before choosing the product being used on your client. Before mixing, ask yourself… 

  1. Which product will help me achieve the most accurate results  
  2. Which product will leave the guests hair in the absolute best state.  
  3. Which product allows for the best time, efficiency, and quality while providing the best results for my client?  

Keep in mind the consultation is the building block to long lasting and loyal client relationships. And it also allows you to gather all the facts before making a decision on the correct product to choose for their desired result.