Why it’s worth the SWITCH

THE SCIENCE behind Calura, and why it’s worth the SWITCH. 

We must consider how much our industry has changed; it’s become far more innovative and tech savvy. More so, we are more mindful of the products that we use on a daily basis in the salon or what we recommend for our guests to bring home.

As stylists, it’s time to consider what products are available to us that are as mindful and innovative as our industry.

Our Calura permanent shine hair colour has followed suit with innovation while creating a healthier environment for all.

We felt it is important to highlight our innovation, technology and ingredients in this blog to share the features and benefits that really make the difference when working with a permanent hair colour that is mindful of ingredients and end results. These benefits are most definitely worth the switch for everyone involved.  

Calura Permanent shine hair colour is Ammonia Free and PPD Free and has an innovation and technology that is unique to Oligo Professionnel which is our Exothermic Technology.

So let’s dig a little deeper on what Exothermic Technology and why It makes a difference when choosing your Permanent Colour Line:

When the hair colour and developer are intermixed, a gentle temperature increase occurs. This gentle increase of temperature actually varies depending on the shade chosen and developer strength, to achieve all that is needed from a traditional permanent hair colour. Calura Permanent has the ability to gently swell the hair and cuticles for maximum dye penetration while maintaining the hair integrity.


  • Offers 100% white hair coverage, even in the case of resistant white hair 
  • Allows gentle lift of up-to 5 levels 
  • Offers superior dye penetration for uniform results 
  • Offers superior conditioning of the hair
  • Pleasant fragrance for you and your salon guest

Calura offers you confidence to achieve 100% white hair coverage for coarse or resistant hair types or when you are wanting to achieve up to 5 levels of lift. By having reduced alkaline forces and being without ammonia and PPDs, you will be creating a safe and comfortable environment for you and your salon guests. 

When it comes to ingredients, we don’t cut corners. Not only do we have an exclusive technology, but Calura is also tested and approved by dermatologists and we have selected the highest quality ingredients for additional care and strength.

We believe these Certified Organic Essences not only support the healthiest condition of the hair but also protection for the scalp.
Healthy hair = long lasting colour results!

So here are our Certified Organic Essences within Calura Permanent shine hair colour: 

    *Organic Essences include:  


    These combined with our Exothermic Technology deliver the most satisfying and beautiful results each and every time. Calura truly offers healthy hair with incredible shine.

    You and your salon guest will notice the difference after the first service.
    With that said, we hope you make the decision that is right for you and your guests!

    Calura Permanent Hair Colour is WORTH THE SWITCH.