Oligo Professionnel

@itsmrjladner : High Impact Placement & Patterns

Duration : 1:00:00


Learn how to navigate the head shape with innovative techniques in less time behind the chair. Oligo Professionnel Digital Creative Director, JLadner, shares how to take a brunette to a full dimensional blonde while going in depth about his techniques dependent on his client’s head  shape. This class is perfect for you if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on placement & patterns while saving time to increase the number of clients you take on per day!
J Ladner is an accomplished hair and makeup artist with experience in film, television, theatre, print and digital media. Recognized as Modern Salon’s 2019 Top 100, American Influencer Awards 2020 Emerging Hairstylist of the Year nominee, J is also a successful entrepreneur, educator, digital author, Digital Creative Director of Oligo Professionnel and hosts the No Stylist Left Behind podcast with Nina Tulio. J has been in the industry for 11 years and is passionate about growing other hairstylists in his field.