Calura Permanent by Misael

Calura colour - Seriously, the best thing to happen in the realm of permanent hair colour in decades. The first true variant shift from the classic hair colour oxidation system. 

Why? Because, when mixed, this stuff increases in temperature in the bowl. In fact, the incorporation of exothermic technology is the inspiration for the name Calura (= Heat). Heat being the cornerstone to creating incredible benefits. A gentle heat which provides the bulk of the softening of cuticle and hair.

So, get ready for hair that actually feels better after a permanent colour service - a phrase normally reserved for demi-permanents only. Add to that an unparalleled white coverage with an are-you-kidding-me durability. The richest deposit and control, while also providing vibrant and resilient fashion shades.  

And even that’s not all, as this premium performance hair colour is both Ammonia-free and PPD-free to boot. Also included are organic care ingredients to replenish lipids, increase hydration and suppleness, and resist oxidation.

For me, Calura Permanent has been the perfect partner in providing a high comfort, high performance colour experience with incredible longevity – longevity which equals value to today’s clients with their crazy busy lives – all of which helps me justify the high prices that I charge my Salon Guests. Experience it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean!