SMART Treatment VS SMART Conditioner by JLadner

Blacklight SMART is Oligo Professional’s line of high-performance bond building with over 90% naturally derived ingredients that focus on scalp and hair care.

I love this SMART system because it allows me to offer my guests extra protection whether it is for a lightening or colour service. Clients can even take some of these products home to take care of their hair and scalp in between services.

The complete SMART system includes the following products:

  • Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate
  • Purifying Shampoo
  • Repair Conditioner
  • Bond Builder and Repair Treatment

 Now you might ask yourself; when do I use the SMART Bond Builder and Repair Treatment vs when do I use the SMART Repair Conditioner?

Choosing between the SMART Bond Builder and Repair Treatment and the SMART Repair Conditioner will depend on a couple of factors. Let’s break down why I select one over the other depending on the service at hand.

When applying with lightener, I choose the SMART Bond Builder and Repair Treatment at the end of the service because it builds new and repairs internal bond linages which restores hair fiber strength that can be lost in the lifting process. This also creates additional hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds within the hair, ensuring that the moisture and the condition of the hair is taken care of.  

When applying with Calura Permanent, I choose SMART Repair Conditioner at the end of the service because our exothermic technology allows for high shine, exceptional dye penetration through heat, allowing us to still ensure the health of the hair. Being that it’s 97.35% naturally derived it’s going to target and repair damaged areas on the hair surface, helping to restore the hairs natural shine and manageability. The added protection will create longer results and ensure that hair has added protection.  

SMART system take home products are also a great way to add on to your service ticket. We must remember that we only have our guest’s hair for a couple hours and they live with it for weeks and sometimes months. Embracing and celebrating healthy hair and scalp is a win-win for our guests. When suggesting these products for at home this is our recommendation to ensure the best results. 

1. Use Smart Purifying Shampoo and Smart Repair Conditioner once a week. 
2. Replace Smart Repair Conditioner by Smart Bond Builder and Repair Treatment once every two weeks or when needed. 

The benefits of our SMART Bond Building and Repair System can help build your confidence during a service and helps promote a healthy conversation around hair and scalp care. Also, using products that are over 90% naturally derived is a great way to show mindfulness and care towards your customers which ultimately will help maximize their loyalty to you.