Calura Permanent -36/GV by Misael

For those of you who already use Calura Gloss, the -36/GV series needs no introduction. However, if you haven’t experienced the amazing Calura Gloss yet (and, if not: What are you waiting for??), the -36/GV series has now leapt out of the Gloss category and entered the Calura Permanent universe as well. Say it with me: Hallah-Loo!  

I can’t even tell you how I am currently obsessed with the colour nuance that the -36/GV series provides. Let’s talk about the Gold, which is more saturated in its Yellow intensity than it’s Beige contemporaries. This is an attribute of the specific Yellow hue selected for this series, regardless of its ratio distribution – which, by the way, is 75% Yellow to 25% Violet.  

So, what I’m saying is if, for instance, you lifted a client too far and got her all the way to spaghetti blonde – Oops! – then the new Calura Permanent -36/GV series has got your butter to restore Golden warmth with cool control. Yes guys, we’ve created an Iced-Gold thanks to the Violet.  

Now I can’t wait to see what else this luminous, frosted with a brushed-nickel finish, series will do for me with full inner cortex bonding.

A tone that can only be described as truly Luxe. Enjoy, my friends!