PROM with Blacklight Volume

The Blacklight Starry Night kit includes everything you need to create magical looks for a night to remember!

Achieve this look effortlessly by following these easy steps!

  1. Wash and condition de hair with the Blacklight Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner (not included in kit).


  2. Spray the Blacklight Volumizing Thickening Spray from roots to end for a 25% faster blow dry time, shine and smoothness, heat protection and anti-static benefits. Comb through.


  3. Apply the Blacklight Volumizing Fiber Mousse all over, including the roots to increase fullness! It will also help lock in moisture and give the style longevity.


  4. Then, you can add a small amount of Volumizing Styling Balm on the ends for extra moisture and fullness!


  5. Blow-dry hair, giving extra volume at the roots by over-directing the hair in the opposite direction of how you want it to lay.


  6. Using a 1” curling iron, curl the hair without alternating direction. Leave out about 2 inches uncurled at the bottom for a more modern look.


  7. Let the hair cool before brushing out the curls.


  8. Spray the Blacklight Volumizing Shine Hairspray generously all over for a natural frizz-free hold that will last all night!