The leaves are changing colour, so can your hair.
Go crazy with semi-permanent Funkhue shades and follow fall inspiration looks with formulas created by Myriam Lajoie, one of our amazing Oligo Artists from Quebec, Canada.
LOOK 1: 
40g Blue + 20g Black+ 5g Red 
50g Blue + 10g Violet 
30g Pink + 5g Fuchsia + 15g Clear 
40g Yellow + 5g Pink + 5g Clear 
LOOK 2: 
40g Blue + 40g Azure 
20g Violet + 30g Fuschia 
15g Yellow + 15g Clear + 15g Bonbon + 2g Pink 
35g Bonbon + 15g Clear 
25g Fuschia + 10g Bonbon 
LOOK 3: 
30g Green + 10g Lime 
50g Violet + 30g Clear 
30g Yellow + 5g Orange 
40g Orange + 5g Pink 
40g Red + 10g Fuchsia 
Which one is your favourite!?