How a seasonal collection can give you a “boost”

Seasonal Collections or short term color collections are not only great to boost your creativity and give you something new to get your hands into. But they are also great for boosting sales. Clients get bored. They want to see what the latest and greatest is when it comes to color. Does every client want bright, bold hair? NO! But the Dusk To Dawn Seasonal Shades collection is very diverse and can be used to create limitless opportunities for each and every client.

When I was a salon owner I lived for new collections to arrive. They gave my team and I new color options to provide to our clients. It’s so important to create buzz and share this new collection through email campaigns and through social media to get your clients excited about it. Think of your clients that like to push the envelope. You can go bold with the shade Early Bird 8KV #teamdawn. Maybe add some chunky pops around the face to brighten her up as we move into the summer months. And let's not forget your more reserved clients. Maybe they want to feel limitless this summer. You can educate them on how adding a few soft panels of Twilight, 5VA, underneath to create more of a pop of color will make them feel confident. #teamdusk.

Think of it this way. You have 4 months to utilize a collection that is so unique and can be customized to the clients desired level. Have fun with it. Talk about it. Share it with your clients. Even the clients that have never shown interest in color. Sometimes they are the ones that will surprise you. Clients expect you to be the expert behind the chart. They want you to tell them what they need. And when you have a new collection on hand it allows you to introduce them to a color palette they have never seen before. This may be the collection they connect with.

Marketing suggestions:  Get this collection out in front of your clients. Create at least 2 email campaigns per month that are totally dedicated to this collection. Share images of the shades and how they can be used in a way that will compliment each client. Share before and after photos and VIDEO to show how little or how much you can turn up the intensity when it comes to color and the placement of the color.  Share your work using the Dawn series and the Dusk series on social media. The best way to do this is by creating a Reel on IG and taking the client on a journey from start to finish. Create an excitement that will not only reach your current clients. But can potentially bring in new clients as well.   

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