4 Tips to Elevate your retail sales

Do you feel stuck when it comes to retail? Do you often think maybe my clients don't want me to talk about products? Or what about feeling like you're “selling?” Retail truly should be a part of the total client experience. It starts by asking questions and planting the seeds during the consultation and ends with recommending the products you feel are best for your clients needs. But what about what happens in between? That’s where the magic happens. Here are my top 4 tips to take your retail game to the next level.

  1. Stop selling and start educating. This is a total game changer. Part of your job is to educate clients as to what they need for at home care. The best way to do this is to educate your client on each product used and share 3 benefits as to why they need it. If you remove the word “sales” and replace it with education it takes off all the pressure.
  2. Start planting the seeds about retail in the consultation. Ask your client all the right questions. What do you love about your hair? What do you dislike? What do you use on your hair product wise right now? What do you feel like you're missing? This will give you a better idea on which products to use through their service while you educate all along the way.

  3. Get the product in their hands. Clients want to feel like they can recreate what you do to their hair in the salon. So let them feel it. Let them smell it. And let them play around with it in their own hair. While you are educating them on the benefits, include them in the process. With the Oligo products there are so many options and they all smell delicious. Whether you suggest the Oligo Amplifying Mousse or the Curl Balm. Be sure to share it with the clients and walk them through how to use it at home. 

  4. Ask for the sale and make recommendations. The one thing I see so many stylists do is educate and share so much information during the service. But then get nervous and skip over the part of asking for the sale. Make it part of your script and routine. Maybe it’s laying out the products on your station or front desk. Maybe it’s suggesting a series of 3 products like a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product. Maybe it’s starting off with… These are my recommendations today and I would at least start off with the New Volume shampoo and conditioner. You know what's best for your client so don't be afraid to be the expert and take charge behind the chair.