Time to Mix it up with Calura Gloss!

Oligo did it again and gave us what we wanted – CALURA GLOSS MIXERS

Before I share more about these 7 NEW Mixers (or to some they may be referred to as concentrates or additives) I want to explore other areas where we “mix it up”. The word mix means to combine or put together to form another substance – to blend, merge, or fuse. We can create something new or have different results when we mix together ingredients, things, music or even people having attended Mixers or socials at some time in our life.
Endless options of connecting, combining or coming together in a new and inspired way.
Now that the sun has arrived and warmer days are here, it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and patios with refreshing cocktails and friends! One of my fav’s is a Mojito and most times virgin because the added flavours are what I like the best. The combination of ingredients or the Mixers are used to enhance the sweetness or citrus flavours. The muddled mint adding the light hues of green and topped off with fresh lime. All combined to create that special flavour.

A unique coincidence that the hue of my favorite summer beverage aligns with a new launch shade for Calura Gloss, the Mixer 0-13 / OAG - GREEN. Yes, you read correctly, we now have a Green to add into our tool box for technical formulation.
Ok, let’s move off my patio and into my salon space!

You asked …and we LISTENED – Introducing our new CALURA GLOSS MIXERS

Expect the same caring benefits as the existing Calura Gloss liquid demi-permanent assortment featuring - Zero lift. New options for you, the colourist, to create ultimate vibrancy and effective tonal control as well as unlimited creative possibilities.
The CALURA GLOSS MIXERS are designed to either neutralize unwanted hues or intensify existent warm hues.
 It is time for you to take your formulations to the next level!

Calura Gloss now offers 3 Neutralizers and 4 Intensifiers:           

    • Neutralizers:  For effective tonal control or to neutralize unwanted warm hues.
    • Intensifiers: For ultimate vibrancy and to intensify existent warm hues.


  • Must be included in formula
  • Can be intermixed up to 25% with existent shades
  • Can be used on their own for creative options, but longevity will be minimal and dependent on the hair characteristics ie. Porosity
  • Do not intermix with Calura Permanent shine hair colour.

NEUTRALIZER recommended usage:

When working with the neutralizers, please follow the guidelines within the table below. Be mindful that when needed, strand testing is still the best option prior to application in more technical scenarios to achieve your desired result.  During consultation it is crucial to analyze the hair characteristics of your salon guest’s hair, including texture – density – elasticity and especially porosity! If the porosity is high for higher levels such as the level 7 and above, it is best to formulate with lower amounts of the neutralizers.

For effective tonal control or to neutralize unwanted hues of red, orange or yellow.

  • Neutralization with 0-11/AA - BLUE
  • Controlled neutralization with 0-13/AG - GREEN
  • Neutralization with 0-16/OAV – BLUE VIOLET





0-11 / 0AA



Up to 25%

Amount will depend on

level and hair characteristics

0-13 / 0AG



0-16 / 0AV




INTENSIFIER recommended usage:

For ultimate vibrancy and to intensify existent warm hues. Be CREATIVE and have fun with these intensifiers that are sure to match the brightest and boldest personalities!

Intensifiers are also great options where warmth is needed for technical or even corrective scenarios. One example is when tone and reflection is necessary to be added back into higher, pre-lightened levels where the natural tone has been diminished so much so, that adding gold or 0-33/OGG in the lightened areas of the hair is a must especially through the ends of the hair.





0-33 / 0GG



Up to 25%

0-44 / 0KK



0-55 / 0RR



0-66 / 0VV




The Calura Gloss Mixers are an exciting new addition and are here to stay!
Let’s show up this summer and share creative and inspired looks featuring our new Mixers.
Follow our social media to check out beautiful new Gloss results created by our #oligofam with these 7 new Mixers.