Make more money with SMART and Calura Permanent

I mean, this is truly the perfect combo. Calura Permanent and SMART go together like peanut butter and jelly. And when it comes to serving your client and making more money in sales. We have you covered.  

You can use SMART as a stand alone treatment. But you can also use SMART as an additive to your Calura Permanent colour services. SMART Bond Builder and Repair Treatment is over 90% naturally derived and was created to help strengthen and repair the hair during a chemical service. The SMART Concentrate is already pre-measured so you will save time and money by not over mixing or wasting product. 

So how can this increase sales in your business? By adding SMART Concentrate to your Calura Permanent colour service you can charge extra for this treatment. For example, if you charged an additional $20 for every colour service using Calura Permanent and SMART and you use it on 6 clients per week. That is an additional $120 per week and an additional $6000 per year in revenue based on a 50-week year.

If you were to charge $25 per client with 6 clients per week that is an additional $7500 in revenue for the year. Another great thing with SMART is you do not need to add additional processing time to this service. It strengthens and protects the hair during its regular processing time. Added bonus to the client? Scalp care and purification. 

Education is key when talking to your clients in their consultation. Once you reassess the hair and scalp you can start to recommend which products they need and how SMART can be of great benefit with their colour service. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to price the SMART treatments. CLICK HERE!