OligoPro Support Products - Blog by Misael Aponte

Clarifying Shampoo 

As you know, the hair must be clean and dry for predictable colour and lightening results. Therefore, the Oligo clarifying Shampoo will remove any excess built-up effectively. This ensures that your canvas is at its most receptive, especially when hair has been overburdened.  

Process for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly; then a quick blow dry is all that is needed to set the stage for beautiful colour to happen.  


Scalp Protector 

I always keep the Scalp Protector on hand, and it is especially good to have for lightener services on a sensitive scalp!  

Although Oligo’s colours and lighteners are gentle, with the ever-increasing allergies and chemical sensitivities that we’re seeing nowadays, this added layer of protection will keep you and your salon guest feeling confident! 

The Scalp Protector oil reduces irritation and itchiness for sensitive scalp during colour or lightening services. Simply mix it directly in your colour or lightener bowl before application! 


Porosity Equalizer 

Nothing beats hitting your target shade right on the nose - especially after a pre-lightening service, which creates an absorbent (porous) canvas to tone.  

The Porosity Equalizer will tip the predictability scale in your favour. Simply spray a small amount onto towel-blotted hair and leave in to ensure even, balanced colour results from scalp to ends every time.  

Pro tip for perms! Spray the Porosity Equalizer before wrapping permanent wave rods to prevent dryness! 


Stain Remover 

For salon guests that historically have always stained or have dry skin, it is always good to have the Stain Remover around – especially when using darker levels or deep shades in our FunkHue vivids.  

Knowing that the Stain Remover can clean up any traces of staining on the skin easily – and with no irritation! – helps set the tone for your guests to have a truly professional experience. 

The high performance of the Stain Remover reduces the need to scrub. It is also not necessary to leave the lotion on the skin for a prolonged period.  

Here’s my tip for particularly resistant areas: saturate a wad of cotton wool with the lotion and hold it for three seconds. Then follow by wiping with a water-saturated cotton wool to remove the lotion and that should do the trick!  

I remember back when you simply had to accept colour-stained hands for a week or longer after providing a vivid service and just thinking: Oh, well... Salon life! This stain-removing lotion will blow you away, it is truly the best I have ever used. 


Stain Protector 

Why is it always the salon guest with the resistant white hairline, that also has the driest skin that just loves to stain? Don’t worry, the Stain Protector will be your best ally in this case! This gel can be applied generously and can even make contact with the hair! 

Apply a thin layer to the hairline before applying hair colour for complete prevention of staining without compromising your result. Rinsing out the gel and the colour will reveal beautifully even colour with 100% white hair coverage.  

The viscosity of the gel is spreadable and also stays put; it is transparent for invisible protection! Gone are the days of saying “It will go away in time” – by simply preventing the stains from appearing in the first place with the Stain Protector!